We’ve moved!

Last updated on: 01/06/2017

I joined the Golden family on 3rd April 2017.

When informed of the move, I was both excited and anxious.  Excited for obvious reasons and anxious because there is so much to be done before the actual physical move.

Let me share my thoughts on our move from our old office at Kim Yam Road to the heart of our Singapore’s very own Central Business District, the “Wall Street” of Singapore.

The physical moving was scheduled for Tuesday, 25th April 2017.  Prior to that, I witnessed first-hand, how my boss and the office manager rushed to and fro places to ensure that all systems are up and running before we move into the new office premises. 

As a new member to the family, there was a limit to what I could lend a hand for.  Also as a new member, I learnt much on how shifting of premises could involve numerous parties.  For instance, we need to ensure that the internet, phone lines and facsimile lines are set up.  Without them, we will not be able to function at all.  We rely on these ‘connections’ to run the business, it can be said that these ‘connections’ are the veins and arteries of a law firm.

Simply said, without the internet, phone lines and facsimile, we will be group of working adults, staring at our phones and hoping that the engineers sent down by the Telcos actually resolve the issues which should not have been an issue to begin with.

It has been 2 weeks into our move as I write this article.  We are, unfortunately, still trying to troubleshoot certain problems with the internet and our centralised networking/backing-up system.  Of course, with the help of our technical counter-parts we manage to resolve them within hours.

We understand ground-zero how frustrating it can be when it comes to legal matters and dispute resolution. This is exactly why our family of lawyers and managers at Golden Law LLC aim to offer speedy and quality resolutions to your legal problems.  We take it upon ourselves to provide a fuss-free transaction for sale/purchase of your property, refinancing of your property, decoupling of your property, whether it is HDB or private or commercial property.  Our litigation department also specialises in debt recovery matters, tenancy disputes, matrimonial and estate matters.

Although we have moved from a shophouse at Kim Yam Road to an office space in Singapore’s “Wall Street” and our physical surroundings are different, we can safely say this: Our level of service and expertise have not changed, our professionalism still prevails and we pride ourselves on highest levels of customer services for our clients. 

Written by Tracy Wang, Associate, Golden Law LLC